I was born and raised in a russian family in Estonia, Narva-Jõesuu. 

After finishing school I went to the UK, London, to get a degree.

Part of the education programme along with the work placement was in Spain, Alicante.  

Some time after the graduation I moved to Norway, Oslo.

First Psychic Signs

I started sensing, feeling, hearing and seeing things around me since I was a kid, yet I wasn't paying too much attention to it. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn't. 

One day I decided to share my experience with the closest circle of mine but it wasn't very well accepted. That's when I decided to keep my mouth shut until I completely figure everything out myself.

The Journey

Due to the physical circumstances, I was obliged to go through a certain chain of challenges in my life which almost made me forget about my intention until I got to the very last point. 

In order to get back to my initial state, I had to not only resolve all the issues caused but also to go through a massive cleansing - that is not only to reconnect with my inner self and my Soul but also to transform all my life experience into the knowledge that I started to share from then onwards.

The Mission

The near death experience has changed it all. I was blessed to be back with a purpose to build up the knowledge structure that we've lost.

It took me years of learning and practice before going officially live. However, it was the most beautiful life journey that I have ever taken. 

At the end I realized that it was my life programme. I wouldn't be able to do my job and guide people through their difficulties without having gone through all of them myself.


I'm a Psychic/Medium and a Book Writer that creates self-education content.

My main goal is to share as much knowledge as I have and make it available for as many people as possible. The reason is simple - To help save the resources of those who are trying to make the most out of Life.

This is my modest investment into the Future. What's yours?